Where Can I Serve?

     What do you think of when you hear the words “Serving the Church”? Do you think of being in the choir?  Teaching a Sunday School class? Serving as a Deacon/Elder? Serving in the church goes far beyond serving on Sunday. 
     The fact is….our Christian walk involves serving on a daily basis.  Sometimes the job may be as big as, volunteering in a soup kitchen, delivering meals, or working at the Senior Center.  It might be a small job like picking up the phone to check on a shut in or just sending a card.  Big or small, each one of us has a purpose designed by God to minister to others in this world. 
     Even though we live in a small community and may never have the opportunity to help a large amount of people, we can still reach out to the people closest to us.       Take a look around and see where God is leading you to meet a need today.
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Christian Education is particularly important as we consider the modern American family scene:
  • seven to eight hours of television being watched each day.
  • family fragmentation
  • high mobility
  • the declining popularity of Christianity
  • indifference to moral absolutes
just to name a few.  Since man’s chief end is to bring glory to God, our Christian Education ministry must be well prepared, relevant, transforming and in order to complete this goal.
Our educational program looks beyond just Sunday School.  Our committee is active in Vacation Bible School, Bible Study and  Youth Programs. 
  • teacher for the teen class
  • teacher for young adult class
Our Outreach Ministry gives the body of Christ an opportunity to minister to those in need.  
Here is how we provide service locally, nationally and throughout the world:
  • Ozark County Senior Center
  • Ozark County Health Dept. -Diapers, Underwear & Socks for children in our community
  • Provide Sunday School curriculum to third world countries
  • Ministerial Alliance
  • Week of Compassion
  • Blood Mobile
  • Providing blankets around the world
  • Gainesville Health Care Center Worship services
  •  Highway trash pickup
  •  Helping community members in need financially
  •  Contributing to the local Food Bank